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FileTek UK Limited was appointed the United Kingdom representative for the licensing and support of MEDITECH software for hospitals and medical facilities in 2001.  The Health Care Group of FileTek UK Limited includes employees who are experienced at all levels of the NHS: in order that they can readily relate to the needs of the customer.  In February 2003 FileTek UK Limited purchased a portfolio of assets and ongoing NHS managed service contracts from another Corporation.

The purchased portfolio contained PFI Managed service Contracts with four NHS Trusts in England and two hospitals in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Division. In addition to the Service contracts FileTek UK Ltd serves other UK Foundation Trusts with the provision of software and support services for the MEDITECH software and provides additional programme management and implementation services using a PRINCE2 Management framework including support infrastructure and Service Level agreement management and monitoring services, if required, in support of the contracts. In addition to the Public Sector contracts, FileTek UK Ltd holds a number of private sector contracts in England and Ireland and North America. A List of current customers can be seen on the customers page.

FileTek UK Ltd has been working with the National Programme for IT (Connecting for Health) for a number of years developing the MEDITECH software for Choose and Book Compliance, fully implementing the compliant software to all our NHS customers in 2006. Strategically FileTek UK Ltd and MEDITECH will continue to work with the National Programme to ensure future compliance to National connectivity standards.
FileTek UK Ltd also offers:

  • - (Free) software upgrades

  • - (Free) product enhancements

  • - (Free) educational seminars

  • - Unlimited concurrent user licence

for the MEDITECH software. These offerings ensure that your investment is protected and scalable, as the software is never discontinued.
Provision of the system is only however 20% of the effort involved in implementation. FileTek UK Ltd has experience and provides change management services to ensure that you obtain the most benefit from your investment.

MEDITECH (Medical Information Technology, Inc) has been a leading software vendor in the health care informatics industry for 43 years, MEDITECH provides integrated software systems that are implemented in over 2300 installations world wide, and provides Order Communications (Inc. results reporting), Electronic prescribing and Theatre System functionality.  Addition integrated modules may also be implemented, as required, to provide a comprehensive Electronic Patient Record, such as: Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratories, Nursing, Midwifery, Departmental, Data Repository, A&E (inc. Tracking) Finance (Inc General Ledger), in addition to a number of standard interfaces to PACS and instrument, analyser and clinical bedside monitors.

According to a recent review MEDITECH is now the largest single supplier of HISS systems in both the USA and Canada with 27% and 41% of the market share respectively.

Visit the MEDITECH & FileTek Solutions Portal

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