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FileTek UK Ltd is the distributor and integration partner in the UK and Ireland for the MEDITECH Integrated Electronic Patient Record platforms. MEDITECH EPR platforms have been available in the UK since the early 1990s to meet the very exacting functional requirements of the UK and Ireland. MEDITECH were involved in the Department of Health HISS initiative and provided systems to one of the Exemplar sites in the 1990s.

MEDITECH provide a comprehensive fully integrated software suite to support the Clinical and administrative management and control of the modern NHS and private Healthcare environment. The functionality offered includes all aspects from the tracking of Casenote numbers and pharmacy costs and stock to a full Electronic patient record system including Laboratories, Nursing, Radiology, Maternity, Electronic prescribing and clinical and administrative Document Management and Multi-disciplinary integrated Care Pathways and is also compliant with the both the New Ways Waiting Time (NWWT) and 18 week NHS Initiatives.

Full details of the MEDITECH suite of Healthcare software may be found at

Our Approach

FileTek UK Ltd and MEDITECH both have a successful track record of building long term relationships with customers in the NHS.  We believe in a true partnership approach which begins right from the start of the implementation process.

Although the technology aspects of the project are important, the real challenge in successfully implementing an integrated hospital wide system is the effective management of change. Our implementation methodology focuses on helping the customer:

  • - Review their existing business practices

  • - Identify potential areas of benefit

  • - Where needed, develop new working practices within the context of the MEDITECH system

  • - Design effective role based training that incorporates system training with operational practice

We will provide resources specifically to facilitate change management and process re-design. This is made possible by the broad depth of NHS experience possessed by our project managers and implementation team.

Each Healthcare organisation has different structures which may be used to promote effective ownership, stake holder engagement and governance in respect to major IM&T systems implementation. FileTek UK and MEDITECH provide advice on how to optimise these structures based on experience and documentation provided as part of the MEDITECH standard implementation methodology, combined with best practice from PRINCE2 and OGC MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Programme Management methodology.

Programme management provides support for the achievement of these objectives. While project management techniques provide an excellent means of planning and monitoring areas of work, they are as such are concerned with the tactical elements of delivery. Programme management takes a step backwards from this and considers the longer-term achievement of benefits and the organisational change required to realise them.

To put this another way, while the introduction of the new systems are providing the means for delivering the ultimate benefits associated with a project, these benefits will only occur if the organisation is capable of making use of the new system capabilities. This will involve developing new ways of working and this is the responsibility of suitably empowered managers in the hospital service departments.

In practical terms, this is achieved by incorporating these individuals into the programme and sub-project structure as stake holders who make sure that business processes are adequately supported and in turn accept responsibility for the change management in respective work areas. The project becomes led by the needs of the Hospital and cannot be seen as ‘just an IT project’ and ensures high levels of stake holder involvement.


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